StandardSteel is the subsidiary of Centravis Production Ukraine – the seventh largest manufacturer of stainless seamless steel pipes in the world and the prime Ukrainian steel company.   StandardSteel deals with selling cold- and hot-pressed seamless stainless steel pipes manufactured by Centravis Production Ukraine. Our pipes belong to categories varying from absolutely feasible tubes to excesses from previous orders. 

StandardSteel has become an exclusive distributor of Centravis' products in Ukraine and its official partner in India, Egypt, Bulgaria and others shortly after its foundation in 2012.  

The main objective of StandardSteel is to provide tailor-made services, customized specifically to the unique needs of our customers. Advanced technological capabilities in pair with our team of like-minded professionals are engineering high-quality products for competitive prices according to Western standards of service. 

Компания Стандарт Сталь

An extensive assortment of seamless stainless steel pipes in a wide range of groups of strengths and sizes available in stock in Nikopol (Ukraine) allows our company to meet a wide range of individual client needs in Ukraine and on international markets.


StandardSteel is scrutinizing the quality of its products throughout all the stages, starting from the first steps of production to the shipment to its final destination. Clients are also provided with the certificates of quality issued by Centravis.

Centravis is the leader in production of seamless stainless steel pipes in Ukraine and one of the largest companies in the world.

 Компания Стандарт Сталь

StandardSteel’ seamless stainless steel solutions are frequently used in a wide range of corrosive media and high temperatures in chemical and petrochemical industries, nuclear and thermal power engineering, non-ferrous metallurgy, machine and shipbuilding, food and other industries, covering a great variety of tube segments: general pipes, boiler tubes, heat-exchanger tubing, instrumentation tubing, furnace tubes, hollow bars and Ni-alloys.


Our product portfolio covers various steel grades, austenitic, ferritic, austenitic-ferritic classes, duplex, and super duplex, Ni-alloys. Our seamless pipes are manufactured according to GOST and TU (CIS), as well as ASTM (USA), DIN (Germany), NF (France), UNI (Italy), EN (EU) standards.